The BIG Diabetes Lie Review

International Council For Truth In Medicines - ICTM

We all are well versed with the fact that people all around the world are somewhat living a lifestyle that is proving to be dangerous for them in the coming time. We all are also well versed with the fact of deteriorating climate change day by day.

The Big Diabetes Lie

This climate change is occurring because we are continuously thinking of ourselves and not of the environment. Environmental change is one of the warnings the nature wants to give us but we are ignoring it like anything. Lots of our problems are related to the environmental change. Everyone wants to fulfil all their needs.

It is certainly right also but in the race of fulfilling the needs we are forgetting about the damage we are providing to the environment. The ideal practice should be that if we cut down one tree we should plant 2 trees in place of it but what we are actually doing is we are just clearing forest in order to get land for building houses, malls, industry and etc. As a consequence we can see the quality of air is deteriorating day by day.

The Big Diabetes Lie

People no longer are able to take fresh air because there is so much pollution mixed in the air because of so many vehicles and industries all over. These environmental problems are a trot cause of a lot of diseases which are rapidly spreading nowadays. Problems like asthma, diarrhoea, kidney stones and failures, lung cancer and what not. This is because people are just not looking at the root cause of problem. They just find a temporary solution for it and they get happy over it.

Talking about diseases there are a number of diseases targeting a number of people all around the world. They can be inherited also from the genes of the family and they can be adopted one too because of various reasons like coming in contact with infected person or as said above environmental problems. Diseases like diabetes are sometimes inherited because of the genetic issue and sometimes these are captivated during the life of a person. So let’s know more about this.

Diabetes as everyone is well aware of is increase in sugar level of blood. So everyone must have seen a person who is diabetic drinks sugar free tea, coffee, doesn’t eats sweets, rice, potatoes and etc etc...the list goes on and on. Diabetes are also of two type, one is known as Type 1 and the other Type 2. Diabetic patients need to get regular dose of insulin and they are prone to heart failures more than others. Many home remedies are also told to them and anyone who has some kind of disease tries everything told to them because all they want is to get back to normal and again live life to its best.

The Big Diabetes Lie

International council for truth in medicines... helps people to cure their diabetes without any doses of insulin and without any medicines. They claim that they will tell some wonderful ideas to cure it just like that. But in their long video no such vital information is available. They just keep chanting about how wonderful life will become once the disease is cured and think about how freely you can eat, drink and again do everything with same enthusiasm as you were doing before getting diabetes. Basically this council is not trustworthy as they claim that they are partners with natural news and upon certain scrutiny it was found that natural news has no data of any such kind of institute. Shocking! Isn’t it?? Absolutely it is.
Like how can someone lie in the field of medicines and how can this thing be fake as it seems to be. This site proves that their book will reveal 7 ideas about how to cure type 2 diabetes without any injections and insulin but the sad part is when clicked on that the site brought us back to the homepage and hence it looked kinda like a scam. Again the person in the video is a real person he is not fake but it is not certain as to whether he actually is a doctor or not.

Not only this, this site also claims that it has helped a thousand of people out there but the point is if this site has helped so many people then why big medical news channels have not mentioned their name and why no such information is available. So basically this is kind of a false book and claims least about anything and hence it is just a publicity stunt to amasse many customers for their book. People order it’s hardcopy as well as they can read it online. So all I am saying is that you just eat right, exercise daily and drink lots of water and that is how you can overcome any disease and if needed please do take the medical help as and when needed. Don’t just blindly follow these books.

The Big Diabetes Lie

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