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Conversiobot: Marketing has taken a all new form. When we talk about marketing, for like a decade back, we can think of people going door to door to sell their products and display its usage. Then came the later stage of posters and advertisements and then came the age of advertising over television. One thing has been constant in all the three stages. The sales have increased compared to its previous data. We all are living in a society where everyone wants the best for them.
Be it best products or services. Earlier, that is like a decade back wants were limited as people were not globally aware of anything else except the domestic markets. But as the time passes and things change we all can see a revolutionary change amongst ourselves. A lot has changed in our lives, the lifestyle of people, their mentality, education system, the wants and needs and what not.
Actually marketing did not used to play a much important role back then, as it does now. Earlier products and services were limited. Market was limited and people used to easily buy products as less alternatives were available to them and mostly people were also not aware of many things too. So lack of knowledge and experience made selling easy.
But now selling is the toughest of all and marketing department has got a very important and new role to play in the business. Because of the global economy system, and with the advent of technology, basically internet has made the customers aware and they have started comparing the products as well as they know what things to buy and what not. Now sellers by just talking all rosy cannot make them buy the product.
So here comes the role of marketing and advertising. As we are talking about the internet, marketing has been taken to another level on the internet. We can see so many websites, blogging sites, freelancer sites and many alike. Ever imagined how these websites earn their income? What are the pop ups doing there? Why advertisements are being displayed?
The answer to all these questions are now being answered to those who are not much techno freak and want to know about it. This is marketing. Digital marketing. By these pop ups and advertisements, the sellers are increasing their sales and the websites earn money through it . There are many websites and software available over the internet which one can use to increase their sales and customers in a very short span of time.
Conversiobot transforms websites into automated leads and sales bot. You all have somewhere or the other must have heard the names like Clickbank and Jvzoo. These companies are using this technique to increase their sales and customers. And when such popular companies are using this product that definitely means there is something good about it right! Absolutely yes. This product has helped reach 6000 Clickbank sales in just a matter of 6 months. And around 11000 email subscribers in just 7 days. Quite amazing isn’t it!
All this with the help of a single line added of “website bot code”. All you need to do is explode the website. Simply copy and paste one line of 'automated not code' and it has been proven successful in increasing the sales by 198% in just 6 hours to the website or blog whichever it is added to. Sounds strange but it’s true. And this is really an amazing product for all the business mostly which are over the internet.
Be it blogging sites, video creator sites ,emails, sales , website owners, newbies, affiliate marketers, product vendors, e- com sellers, social marketers, bricks and mortar business owners, consultants, freelancers and many more such platforms over the internet.
Another amazing feature of this product is that by using its “Done For You List Building Bots” to automatically build huge email list. Again this is not just a fame statement but has been proven to be true as it created 11000 new email subscribers in just a span of 7 days. And since many renowned companies are using it , therefore it is true and not just something fake to misguide it’s customers.
Customer as we all know is the king of market and if he is satisfied then it a product can work in a market. Market has no value if it doesn’t have any good customer base. Without demand, supply is useless and vice-versa. Same thing is with Digital market too. By offering so many so many facilities they are just trying to fulfil the customer’s needs and trying to satisfy them.
Increasing sales, number of email subscribers and making income for them is all what one needs from their website and that is what is being given to them. That is why companies are able to rely on this product as it is showing results. Another amazing feature of this product is that it comes with a pro version and that means one have unrestricted rights to sell their chatbots for 100% profit to local businesses, social media marketers, consultants ,freelancers and many more businesses which have been mentioned above.
Digital marketing is way more different than the ordinary marketing and is way more fun too. But apart from it , digital marketing requires more skills and knowledge and creativity as nowadays most of the people are competing in this field. So to make yourself different from them, you need to work harder and faster. This is what a business runs on. You should try to grab the opportunity as soon as you see it and then make the best use of it before your competitors get to know about it. Only then you will be able to survive in this digital market and it’s tactics. This product is surely a best way to increase the figures on your website as soon as possible and this will be your smart work to expand and grow your business. Technology is fun, if used correctly.
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