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Explode My Payday: As in nature of claim, Explode My Payday is an online earning spot, which is observed to have falsely claimed of all its contentions to the world at large. This is to say that it claims to possess an incredible outlook of its systematic approach towards letting the world to make thousands of dollars online. After getting on to the reviews of people, it has been analyzed that most of the claims being made by the Explode My Payday scheme are pseudo in nature. Anyways, the main concern here is to make conclusive study of the reviews and the real nature of the working of Explode My Payday.

For every review system, the bifurcation can be supposed to be in the following manner viz. ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’. Under the present head, there is no ‘pros’ found out of the establishment of reviews. Further, talking about the cons, so they are many in number like as follows:

  • It is same in nature as that of other scams

The basic reason behind this contention is that most of the videos uploaded by the Explode My Payday are of same nature and form as in other scam laden websites. Just by changing the name, color and words of the contents of the uploaded material, 90% of copied matter is exposed, which can be easily found on other similar websites, which are considered as scams in today’s time.

  • Claim out of making ridiculous income is false though

The impression which a normal subscriber receives at the very first instance is that he could make a very handsome amount of money on subscribing the website content. But who knows what happens in prospect? Similar is the hypothesis in the sphere of Explode My Payday. It is not actually the right way of making money online. Mere claims do not work for long. One ought to remove this false belief from one’s mind that to make thousands of dollars in no time at all is not an easy task. In words, it looks smart. The thing is not that one cannot make money online, but the main point to note here is that there is no means to make thousands of dollars per day and every day, as is falsely laid down under the policies of Explode My Payday.

  • The creator seems to be fake as well

It is observed that Meaghan Harper, who claims to be the creator of Explode My Payday, is just a name and no one in reality. This name has been found working in the purview and advent of various online scams. It seems as if the real owner of Explode My Payday might be working to strengthen the future downtrodden path of this particular scam to come up with another fresh scam in the near future. If talking about her photo, so it just one of those photos randomly picked up from some prominent online photo stocks.  ExplodeMyPayday.com

  • Testimonials also say that they are fake in themselves

This is to say here that the reviews reveal a fact that as it is already said that the videos which are uploaded are copied from the already existing scams, so the ones who claim to have earned a huge amount of money out of those videos are those who are being paid for acting in the videos, none else than them. So to testify the claims of such people is also a falsification in itself.

  • Information is too short and not enough to validate its real existence

The information that is talked of under this head is that there lacks the provision of transparency while dealing with this web content. This is to say that it does not tell about where the money would be used and for what purpose and for how long the subscriber can access the contents on its dashboard. Further, the appropriation of one’s money is not disclosed. Who gives the money and from where do the dollars come is known to none.


Therefore, it is declared hereby that after going through the reviews of various users and subscribers of Explode My Payday, it is a kind of upcoming scam in the online world, which is misleading the people, especially the beginners. So, in order to protect oneself from the false promises of gaining thousands of dollars per day, it is suggested that one should resist as much as possible from such kinds of copied sales and to look forward for some better options to promote and gain benefit out of the online marketing schemes.


Thus, it can be concluded by contending that to know something good, some better option should be accessed, and to know better, the best shall be pursued in the world of such online hackers and scams, which corrupt the system to its fullest.

Author: Abhishek Kumar

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