Market Samurai Review

Opting for the correct keywords ensures a high level of traffic to your website. It is the key element in making an online business successful. If you do not have the correct keyword concentration in your website, then you will find yourself at the low levels of search engine results.

Who will Benefit the most from Market Samurai ?

Market Samurai keyword review provides you, as a webmaster, with the tool that will give you the advantage in generating the right keyword for your website and thus enhance your position in a keyword related search engine result. The choice of the correct keyword is essential and it depends on various factors.

You might think that opting for a particular keyword that is available in various other websites and using them for numerous times on your webpage will help you gain the top position. However, this is not true and the method behind opting for the correct keyword is very much logical and scientific.

Market Samurai provides an advantage that allows you to find out the different types of keywords, which you must use and the profitability of these keywords. The concept of using the correct keyword depends on the competition that is associated with the keyword along with its popularity on the search engines.

For example, you might opt for a keyword that has high demand in the SEO platform, but it also carries a high level of competition. This means that the keyword is in use through various other websites in various ways and the chances of your success in using the same keyword is quite less since you will be facing a tough competition.

Market Samurai provides color-coding for the keywords that you use and there are three types of color coding. A red color associated with a keyword means that there is high level of competition associated with the keyword, whereas an orange color depicts medium levels of competition and a green means low levels of competition. Your chances of success relies on opting for the green color coded keywords since there is very less competition and the use of it certainly increases your chances of going up the SEO ladder.

Low competition tag to a keyword does not mean that it is not a traffic attracting keyword. It simply means that your competitors are not using this high traffic generating keyword as much as they are using the more obvious red-tagged keywords. This analysis can generate great profits for you and your business and therefore is highly essential for your generating the high levels of profit that you intend to generate for your business.

Although there are many other features available bundled in this software, I want to also mention a great feature that I always use – PR and Anchored Texts Analysis. This feature really comes handy when you want to monitor what high PR sites are linking to you with which keywords. Not only you can monitor your own site, you can also monitor all your competitor sites. See what sites are linking to them and you can try to get the same to help you beat them in search engine ranking.


So, if you wish to get the best results from your website to the earliest, include Market Samurai in your plan as well. If you are lucky, you might even get bonuses in the form of discounts or free books/accessories as well.

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