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Paleo Recipe Book Review


The Paleo Recipe Book is a three-part book set written by Sebastien Noel. The well-designed diet plan package includes the Paleo Recipe Book that contains over 390 different recipes, a detailed Paleo Meal Plan for 8 weeks, and a PDF collection of herbs and spices with their nutritional and medicinal properties.

The Paleo Recipe Book

The recipes in the recipe book form is quite a comprehensive collection, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Since many people fail in their diets because they get bored after some time, that’s not a problem for the Paleo diet thanks to all 390 recipes included in the book. Also, Noel seems to be aware of this usual diet problem, so the dishes presented in the recipe book are not just delicious, but are also interesting to prepare. The author introduces different ways of cooking so not only will you be eating different foods but they will also be prepared in different ways.

Aside from that, the author gives tips on how to minimize the time you will spend in the kitchen. This is why the recipe book is very effective; it is designed for people living in a busy, fast-paced lifestyle.

To help you find recipes that you’re in the mood for, the recipes are arranged into different categories, including:

Red meat
Shellfish and seafood
Vegetables and sides
Marinades and sauces
Eggs and omelets
Stir fries
Lacto-fermented vegetables

None of the foods in this recipe book contains any type of grain, legume, vegetable oil, or added sugar, so you can be sure all the foods you will prepare and eat will be healthy and nutritional. It is clear that the author did wonderful work creating the recipes in the Paleo Recipe Book.

The Paleo Recipe Book also helps you check if you’re on the right track by showing you photos of what the meals should look like when you’re done. The recipes are also presented in a very detailed way and are all very easy to follow. In addition, the pages are well-arranged to make the instructions easy to understand.

The best part is, this is not just an ordinary recipe bookThe recipes fit into a holistic diet plan, which author Sebastian Noel also details in the bundled Paleo Meal Plan.

The Paleo Meal Plan

The Paleo Meal Plan is very helpful for those who are embarking on a diet plan for the first time. It is also beneficial for those cooking for a whole group of people as well as for those who are conscious of their budgets. The meal plan incorporates the delicious meals in the recipe book into an organized cooking plan. So if the 390 recipes overwhelm you, the meal plan will make sure you do the diet right. It offers suggestions on what meals to prepare for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for every day of the week. The meal plan is good for eight weeks to help you get started.

Such structure and organization can be very helpful for those who are having problems following through with their diets. The complete guidance the meal plan provides makes the process easier for them. And since the dishes are really delicious and interesting, the dieters using the Paleo process will have no reason not to follow through.

Herbs and Spices

The Paleo Recipe Book and the Paleo Meal Plan comes with one last companion: the Herbs and Spices collection. The book gives detailed information on over 25 herbs and spices along with:

Their medicinal properties
Their historical roots
Their nutritional value

The book will also give you a deep understanding about herbs and spices so you will be able to tell which herbs and species go best with the dishes you will cook.

What Kind of Diet Plan Is It?

The Paleo diet works in two ways. First, the diet itself is considered as a metabolism boosting diet. But aside from improving metabolism, the Paleo diet also helps people lose weight by giving them tasty yet nutritional food choices.

Who Is It For

The Paleo Recipe Book is designed to be used alongside the Paleo Meal Plan. It is specifically designed for those who need a change in their dietary patterns and who are willing to follow the instructions on the books to the letter. There are parts of the plan that require discipline, such as the use of leftovers from one recipe in another recipe.

The author is also very specific in his instructions, so although the food preparation is interesting and varied, the recipes leave little room for personalization. Those who like to cook and experiment with their own cooking style will not have enough freedom to do so with this recipe book and diet plan, but Sebastian Noel’s specific style can be very helpful for those who need as much guidance as possible.

Paleo Recipe Book




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