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Vertical Jump Training – The Jump Manual

The System You Need to Increase Your Vertical Jump by 10"

The Jump Manual: Vertical Jump Training is an all-in-one training software that can give you everything you need to maximize your vertical jumps and improve your quickness. This training software is quite popular due to its effectiveness, and it is effective because it uses a special multi-faceted approach to vertical jump improvement. The software operates on the idea that in order to improve your vertical jump performance, you need to develop nine different aspects together. While other programs target only one or two of these aspects, Vertical Jump Training gives you a holistic training so you can enjoy the quickest results, prevent injuries, and improve muscle recovery by 150%.

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What you will get from the manual

  1. The 9 Essential Variables of An Explosive Vertical
  2. Understanding the Science of Optimal Results
  3. The Laws of Vertical Jump Improvement
  4. Muscle Gains Do Not Happen During Training
  5. Optional Equipment of Vertical Jump Drills
  6. Pre-Workout Stretching and Warm-Ups
  7. Explanation of the Max Explosion Workout
  8. Post-Workout
  9. Progress and Sustained Increase

Those who are first timers on this sort of training will also find a complete guide from this software, thanks to the following additional components:

  • Instructions on how to make a portable nutrition center
  • Glossary of training vocabulary
  • Form enhancement techniques (discussed in the Appendix)
  • Frequently asked questions

But one of the most important parts of the manual is the Jumpers Forum, which is tackled in Chapter 6 of the manual.…

Truth About Abs Review


You will come across a lot of individuals, especially in males, who would be looking forward to develop their muscles. Most of them would be looking forward to own 6-pack abs. With it, they wish to make themselves appear more appealing. To achieve success, most of these individuals regularly go to the nearby gym. However, what they never give consideration to is the amount of time (and maybe money as well), which may be involved with regular exercising to achieve desired result. This is where you need a guide by an expert like Mike Geary to help you out in achieving the best result. Not so long ago, Mike came out with a useful book, which is related to an innovative approach for losing stomach fat at a rapid pace. The name of the system is Truth About Abs. In case you wish to ensure the value of the system before spending your money on the same, you must read the following details:

One of the reasons why this program is quite popular is that it has been designed by Mike Geary.…

Pregnancy Miracle Review

Holistic $ Ancient Chinese System For Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Children.

You cannot compare the feeling of becoming a mother to anything in the entire life of a woman. Even though this new role comes with a lot of responsibilities (adding to the ones already there), she is ready to accept it gleefully with open hands. If you ask a woman, the feeling of holding her baby in her hand is heavenly. However, what would happen, if she cannot be a mother?

There may be a number of reasons, which might not allow a woman to become a mother. However, at the end of the day, she is heartbroken. The feeling of carrying her baby in her womb, even in pain, for nine months is unparallel. So, what can be done next, if the woman has been trying, but unsuccessfully for a long time? Should she opt for a baby, whom she has not given the birth herself? Should there be an involvement of any scientific way to help her achieve the target?…

Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review

Learn the Idiot Proof Way of Growing 2-4 Inches Taller in 8 Weeks.

So, you are nearing your 30s and stand at just above 5 feet. It is too short, I guess, considering that people around you of your age and may be lower are taller than you. At this age, you might see the end of the growth of your body and accept this short height as your fate for the rest of your life. Is it actually the end? If you ask Darwin Smith, the mind behind “Grow Taller 4 Idiots”, you will come to know that there is no such thing as an end to your growth.

With a claim of adding 2-4 inches in less than 8 weeks, Grow Taller 4 Idiots is making quite a statement. Designed for people, who are vertically challenged, it covers all the factors that you should consider, if you wish to encourage further height growth.

In case you are sick of people looking over you and making fun of your height, it is time that you get your hands on Grow Taller 4 Idiots.…

The Tao of Badass Review

Discover The 7 Mistakes That Your're Currently Making That Are Ruining Your Chances With Every Woman You Meet...

Don’t let a Breakup End Your Life.

If you had hit the doors of breakup recently, there is no doubt that each and every portion of your brain will have its effects. You will find such a situation breaking your confidence level to almost zilch. This may even affect you to even think about a future relationship with another woman. With time, you will keep moving down the barrel of hatred, before one day you will ask yourself these words:

Will I even meet another woman, again?

Rather than asking this, you should ask yourself, “Do you actually wish to go through this situation?” If you don’t, then try to give ‘The Tao of Badass’ Program a chance.

Once you are a part of ‘The Tao of Badass’ program, designed by Joshua Pellicer, you will realize that there is no use of feeling sorry after a breakup. And if you do, you are going to miss out on a lot of things.…