SEO Pressor Review

Competition among online businesses is fierce. You want to rank high in search engine results, especially Google. That goal is going to be met with the new SEOPressor plugin for WordPress.

The plugin was developed exclusively for WordPress users by SEO expert Daniel Tan. The small but powerful plugin removes the tedious tasks that take up so much of your valuable time, such as analysis, research and calculation.

 SEOPressor optimizes your website to rank high in search engines and it automatically attracts organic traffic right to your website. It’s compatible with WordPress 3.0 and requires a self-hosted WordPress site. The plugin is an excellent choice for autoblogs and is widely used by a variety of niche sites.

SEO Pressor is like having your own personal SEO specialist on call 24/7. It works right on your webpage to optimize it for search engines. Any marketer can tell you how tedious, time consuming and just plain boring SEO can be. The process can be especially intimidating to those new to online marketing. Hiring an SEO expert is expensive, and there’s no way to know if they’re as good as they claim. With SEOPressor, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

The plugin literally does everything for you. It analyses a variety of key factors about your website, including keyword density and count length, as well as title and heading tags. The plugin also adds intelligent ALT tags to images. Image and link structures are examined, as are fonts and how they’re used.

SEO Pressor is also capable of testing and rating each post and page. It provides you with your on-page SEO scores and closely correlates with Google algorithms for better search engine placement. SEO scores are automatically recalculated when content changes. The plugin also offers intelligent suggestions on what to tweak for the best results. WordPress sites will increase in search engine rankings, driving targeted traffic to your website.

Anyone will profit from SEOPressor, from beginners and niche marketers to professional SEO consultants. It’s an all-in-one multi-faceted tool that does the vital yet time-consuming tasks for you. It immediately goes to work for you as soon as it’s installed.


Licenses are available for single and unlimited sites. Purchase of a single site license allows you to use it on one site, with one domain. You receive free lifetime updates and priority support. An unlimited license grants you the use of the plugin on multiple sites with unlimited domains. You’ll also receive priority support, lifetime updates and free installation service. Once you’ve purchased your licensing option, you can immediately get started using the plugin by downloading it from the website. Tan is so confident that SEOPressor will work for you, he even offers a 100 percent, money back guarantee.

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SEO Pressor Review

Competition among online businesses is fierce. You want to rank high in search engine results, especially Google....

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