The Jump Manual: Vertical Jump Training is an all-in-one training software that can give you everything you need to maximize your vertical jumps and improve your quickness. This training software is quite popular due to its effectiveness, and it is effective because it uses a special multi-faceted approach to vertical jump improvement. The software operates on the idea that in order to improve your vertical jump performance, you  need to develop nine different aspects together. While other programs target only one or two of these aspects,

What you will get from the manual ?

The 9 Essential Variables of An Explosive Vertical
Understanding the Science of Optimal Results
The Laws of Vertical Jump Improvement
Muscle Gains Do Not Happen During Training
Optional Equipment of Vertical Jump Drills
Pre-Workout Stretching and Warm-Ups
Explanation of the Max Explosion Workout
Progress and Sustained Increase

Those who are first timers on this sort of training will also find a complete guide from this software, thanks to the following additional components:

Instructions on how to make a portable nutrition center
Glossary of training vocabulary
Form enhancement techniques (discussed in the Appendix)
Frequently asked questions

But one of the most important parts of the manual is the Jumpers Forum, which is tackled in Chapter 6 of the manual. Part of the reason why the Jump Manual is very effective is that it offers support to trainees during every step of the process. This is done by providing them with a training forum where they can interact with other people who are going through or have gone through the same challenge and by giving them access to interviews from famous NBA coaches, shooting coaches like David Hopla, performance psychologists like Dr. Patrick Cohn, and even some professional athletes.

Parts of the software – Tools for training

Workout chart
Training video Library
Exact nutrition plan
Weight room alternatives
One-on-one training

The most important part of the Jump Manual training program is the one-on-one training it offers. For a training to be really successful, the trainee must be guided by a coach. The role of a coach is very important; the presence of one can keep your confidence up and can help you stay motivated and dedicated no matter how hard the training goes. Unfortunately, many trainees find it difficult to hire a personal trainer because doing so is very expensive and can cost up to $250 for every hour. But the Jump Manual comes with a free 30-day one-on-one training as part of the package. You will have access to a professional trainer who has worked with Olympians, NBA athletes, and pro dunkers. The one-on-one training will also be customized for you. If the trainer feels that you need phone support, it will be given to you without any additional cost. And if you wish, you can avail of additional one-on-one coaching if the personal trainer is available; this, however, will incur additional rates.

Vertical Jump Training - About Jump Manual

There’s nothing to lose when you decide to try the Vertical Jump Training software. The software and all its bonuses sell for only $67, and even comes with a 60-day guarantee. The software works on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and can thus be used by almost anyone who wants to extend his jumping strengths.

Jump Manual was created by Jacob Hiller. Hiller has been involved in vertical training for more than 10 years now. The Jump Manual, which he put together in 2004, is a concise look at comprehensive training similar to what Hiller himself used to achieve an increase of 44 inches in his vertical jumps. Hiller has trained and consulted with athletes and coaches in the development of his multi-faceted explosion training methods. So far, he has been featured in ESPN, Men’s Health, and Sports Illustrated. Vertical Jump Training

All in all, the Jump Manual’s key strengths is its multi-faceted method, quick results, personal-level coaching, easy-to-follow videos, and the money-back guarantee.

Who Is It For?

The Jump Manual: Vertical Jump Training is designed for:

those who are really dedicated to improving their vertical jumps
those who want quick results
those who require personal support and coaching
those who are willing to commit and invest time

However, the benefits of the training will only be reaped if the training principles offered in the program are fully obeyed. Of course, the results of the training will manifest at different timeframes for different trainees. Some athletes experience an improvement of about 1 inch per week, with the earliest results observed after the first few weeks of the program. Results are also usually more rapid at the beginning, but may slow down as time goes by. The pattern, however, tend to vary per trainee.

Vertical Jump Training

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